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Muta x Sculpture

[DELUXE033] Released August 3, 2015

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1. Muta – Tongues
2. Muta – Tongues (Sculpture Remix)

Artwork by Salvador Herrera www.salvadorherrera.mx/
Sculpture soundcloud.com/tapebox/
Muta kingdeluxe.ca/muta/ soundcloud.com/muta-music/


sugai ken: daidai (sculpture remix)

grumbling fur resplice

Grumbling Fur, Protogenesis remix.

leave the country


Sculpture remix incorporating two tracks from KCC003 – VANILLA HAMMER: RETREAT

released 00:00 GMT Nov 5th as 5 unique C25 cassettes & ∞ mp3s

mp3 edition available here http://bit.ly/SrdA9P

Snorkel Mix-Up

One Long Conundrum EP

Sculpture remix Wet Tongue by Snorkel. Morricone meets Flying Lizards at Studio di Fonologia. Can swung by.


‘JLAGQO CSOAAXS’ (remix EP 1) from the ‘GLAQJO XAACSSO’ album, out on LP/DL through No Pain In Pop.

“Each remixer gets a bunch of chunks from a finished track. One track per remixer. No stems. No finished full track to compare against. So basically passing the fragments like bits of code divorced from the full program. See what gets retained, what comes through from these bits of sonic DNA.”