Sculpture is musician, Dan Hayhurst and visual artist, Reuben Sutherland. Their work mixes electronic music, kinetic art and abstract animation in idiosyncratic polymedia amalgams. The duo’s live AV performances are central to this process. Sutherland’s visual turntablism employs an ever expanding library of zoetropic prints, intricate patterns which come to life when filmed with a video camera. Mechanical imaging technology combines with digital and software based practice in surreal, hyperkinetic loops. There’s a clear connection with the physicality of Hayhurst’s approach to sonics – unstable permutations of tape loops, lo-fi electronics and digital sequences played with a battered reel to reel tape recorder, computer, walkman, sampler and FX units. Sculpture explore spontaneous connections, simultaneity, juxtapositions and collisions through multi-sensory stimuli.



Through 2015 and 2016 the duo released tapes on Phinery and Digital Death Records, an animated 8″ lathe cut postcard on Hasenbart Records, a 7″ animated disc, Zyprazol (Tapebox), and a 12″ zoetropic EP, Form Foam (Ana Ott).

Sculpture’s Membrane Pop LP was released in 2014 by Software, a label curated by Daniel Lopatin, AKA Oneohtrix Point Never. A live AV cassette/digital/video splice, Video Plot, followed in October. In January 2014, the duo’s self-released animated 7″ single, Plastic Infinite, became an instant cult artifact.

Sculpture previously made two animated zoetrope picture disc LPs for Dekorder records – Rotary Signal Emitter (2010) and Toad Blinker (2011). Their third LP, Slime Code, was released in 2012 on 7 unique cassettes plus digital edition by patten’s Kaleidoscope imprint and later reissued on vinyl by Digitalis.

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