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MEMBRANE POP – New Album – May 2014

Membrane Pop is the 4th LP and debut Software Recording Co. release by Sculpture.

Sculpture – Polymorphic Operator

Membrane Pop will be released in LP and digital forms on May 13, 2014.

Multi-Faith Capsule
Symbolic Molecule
Unhitch Your Program
Polymorphic Operator
5 Seconds In The Future Is A You Made Of Pure Thought
Hackle Scam Populator
Distraction Display
Lingual Junk
Dance Of Oblate Spheroids (Bonus Track)
Instability (Bonus Track)

film: plastic infinite

Both editions of the Plastic Infinite animated 7″ are now sold out. Digital.

disjointed neighbourhood

polyhedral bloom

Chimerical spawn of Charlatan/Sculpture splice. Remix LP also features Decimus, Prostitutes, Thug Entrancer, Zwei Kreise, Koenraad Ecker, & Konntinent:

found sound


words via Dummy Magazine


grumbling fur resplice

Grumbling Fur, Protogenesis remix.

facility footage

leave the country

plastic infinite

Slime Code Vinyl Edition

slime code front

Slime Code Vinyl Edition on Digitalis Recordings released 10th January 2013

Available now from Boomkat (UK) and direct from Digitalis (USA)

Originally released on cassette KC001 by Kaleidoscope

slime code back