Video Plot, Cassette / Digital, Software Recording Co. 2014


Membrane Pop, LP, Software Recording Co. 2014


Plastic Infinite, 7″ zoetrope picture disc, 2014


Slime Code, cassette/digital (DL), Kaleidoscope 2012 / LP, Digitalis 2013


Toad Blinker, zoetrope picture disc LP, Dekorder 2011


Rotary Signal Emitter, zoetrope picture disc LP, Dekorder 2010



Fabrication II – Mumdance FABRICLIVE80 2015
Compatibility Crystal Change – HFF Vol 1, Psyche-Tropes 2014
Life Among The Mechanoids – Clinical Jazz, Clinical Archives 2008
Do The Lurrk – The Electronic Bible Chapter 2, White Label Music 2006

Remixes by Sculpture

patten Out the Coast (Sculpture Remix)
Seftel Architects (saturday night i love you remix by Sculpture)
Vanilla Hammer Cro Magnum/Alabaster Circuits (Sculpture mix)
Snorkel Wet Tongue [Sculpture Remix]
Sugai Ken Daidai (Sculpture remix)
Charlatan Night Circus (Sculpture’s Polyhedral Bloom Remix)
Grumbling Fur – Protogenesis (Sculpture Remix)
Xylitol remixed by Sculpture – Leave The Country

Remixes of Sculpture

Sculpture – Hackle Scam Populator (Karen Gwyer Remix)