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symbolic molecule


curt plume

hackle scam populator

Hackle Scam Populator from our new LP, Membrane Pop, beaming down via Software May 13

MEMBRANE POP – New Album – May 2014

Membrane Pop is the 4th LP and debut Software Recording Co. release by Sculpture.

Sculpture – Polymorphic Operator

Membrane Pop will be released in LP and digital forms on May 13, 2014.

Multi-Faith Capsule
Symbolic Molecule
Unhitch Your Program
Polymorphic Operator
5 Seconds In The Future Is A You Made Of Pure Thought
Hackle Scam Populator
Distraction Display
Lingual Junk
Dance Of Oblate Spheroids (Bonus Track)
Instability (Bonus Track)

film: plastic infinite

Both editions of the Plastic Infinite animated 7″ are now sold out. Digital.

tape looping

facility footage

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